How Todd Secured a Great Rate with Own Up and saved $75k

This wasn’t Todd’s first time going through the homebuying process. So when an ad popped up for Own Up just as he was beginning to shop for a mortgage, he reached out to us to see if a technology company could deliver on the promise of securing low interest rates while also providing good customer service. And through a rate secured by our home advisor, Todd saved an estimated $37,000 over the lifetime of his loan – savings that have had an immediate impact on his family as they remodel their new home and prepare to send their two daughters to college.

Here’s his story.

In early 2017, Todd, his wife Jayme, and their two daughters were living in Bedford, MA when Todd took a new job as a pastor at a local church. They moved to a nearby town, and after a year of renting they decided it was time to buy a long-term home. Early on in their search Todd started shopping around for a mortgage, and an ad for Own Up caught his eye.

“An ad popped up on Facebook where Patrick [Own Up CEO] had done a TV interview, and the way he explained how Own Up works caught my attention. We had originally started working with a conventional mortgage company that we received an initial offer from, but when I saw that Own Up was saying they could save me on my interest rate I thought I’d run the numbers. And I wasn’t disappointed.”

Not only did Todd score the best rate through a lender in the Own Up network (.75% lower than what he had been offered at his original mortgage company!), but he stayed in close touch with one of our home advisors throughout the entire home buying process and took advantage of Own Up’s Home Affordability Calculator that helps buyers determine how much they could afford.

“Tyler was very personable, and the way he just kind of laid our options out made us feel like he was looking out for us rather than just doing his job and closing the deal. He advised us throughout our search, gave us good feedback when we had specific questions, and showed us their affordability calculator tool where we were able to plug in variables and get back a pretty close range of where we would be. It was super helpful.”

Todd and Jayme ended up purchasing a home that after two months of renovations they’re finally moving into this month. They’re already feeling the impact of the $37K they saved by getting a lower rate.

“We ended up buying a home that was owned by a 94-year-old woman. She updated all the systems like the furnace, septic, windows, roof etc., but it needed a lot of other updates. So over that last two months we’ve been doing a lot of work swinging a hammer and a slapping paintbrush, but we’re actually moving in on Saturday so we’re pretty excited!

Over the life of a loan saving $30,000 plus is huge. The difference between what we were being offered by another broker and what Own Up offered was almost ¾’s of a point different. That breaks down to significant savings each month for us. We’ve been doing a lot of renovations in the house and in a few years here we have a daughter going off to college and money is going to be tight. It’s nice to be able to save money monthly.”

Todd said he has already recommended Own Up to his friends and family, and hopes that with our technology and human advisors people will have an easier time going through the home buying process. On what makes Own Up so special, Todd says that Own Up has “the personal touch.”

“I kind of feel like an infomercial right now, but working with Own Up really was a great experience. Tyler worked with us to answer every question we had, and I definitely didn’t feel like I was fighting a big corporate system or anything like that. At the end, the team sent us a GrubHub gift card. It was something so simple but the thought that went into that – ‘oh they’re moving into a new house, they’re going to need a meal, let’s get them a meal!’. That’s huge.

 At our church we always talk about the importance of “the personal touch”. How can we provide a personal touch so that when people leave they want to come back? There was a very high level of personal touch with the team at Own Up.”



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