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Tyler Stinson

What Is A Condo Questionnaire?

By Tyler Stinson September 9, 2019


You’ve found the perfect house, your offer has been accepted, and now you are in the process..

What is Earnest Money (EMD) In Real Estate?

By Tyler Stinson September 3, 2019

Viewers of Saturday morning Popeye cartoons watched with a mix of amusement and disgust as Wimpy..

5 Signs You're Ready to Be A Homeowner

By Tyler Stinson June 25, 2019

Being a homeowner may be the American Dream, but a tight real estate market and other personal..

The 3 Failures of the Pre-Approval Process

By Tyler Stinson January 27, 2019

The pre-approval process is a critical component of the homebuying experience. But the current..

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