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Year founded: 2010
Top Executive: Drew Uher, CEO
Number of employees: 150
Related App: Simple Sale
Offices: San Francisco (headquarters), Seattle, Phoenix
Phone number: 855-999-7975

What is HomeLight?

HomeLight matches home buyers and sellers with top local real estate agents who are likely to get them the best deal on the properties they are looking to buy or sell. The company analyzes real estate records of over 29 million transactions and 2 million agents to find the agents who best meet a client’s needs. HomeLight provides the top three matches and calls customers to review them and answer any questions. A complementary service, Simple Sale, is a marketplace with over 100 pre-vetted iBuyers looking to acquire properties around the country. Using simple sale, homeowners and agents can compare instant offers and if they choose, skip the traditional listing process. Simple Sale launched as an app in March of 2019.

Why Choose HomeLight?

The real estate agent you choose has a big impact on the homebuying process. The more aligned they are with your market and interests, the more likely you are to find the house you want in your desired price range. HomeLight is aligned with sellers and buyers, not agents. Their recommendations are 100% data driven and real estate agents cannot advertise on their site. To ensure your agent is aligned with your needs and market, the experts say you need data. That is exactly what HomeLight provides.

Why Own Up Partners with HomeLight?

Homeownership is the American Dream, but during many steps of the process, homeowners and new buyers are at a disadvantage in the marketplace because they do not have all the information needed to make the best decisions. At Own Up, we focus on mortgage rates. HomeLight focuses on real estate agents. We both use technology to simplify the home buying process. And we both are aligned with the interests of homebuyers and sellers.


What our customers get by using Homelight as part of our Partner Network Curated Service Providers

Own Up takes your privacy very seriously.  When using HomeLight as a customer of Own Up, we will contact HomeLight on your behalf, keeping your personal information confidential, and present their real estate agent recommendations to you. We combine two calls into one while helping you on your way to homeownership.Your contact information will not be disclosed, so you will not be spammed by HomeLight or any agents. Your contact information will only be shared if you choose one of the recommended agents.


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