The Up List: Move Matcher


Year founded: 2016
Top Executive: Dave O’Connor, president
Number of employees: 15 to 25
Offices: Hillside, Illinois
Phone number: 773-355-4603


What is Move Matcher?

Move Matcher helps people find and compare different moving companies, all of which are licensed, insured and bonded. The process is simple, fast and easy. People submit information about where they are moving to and from, the size of their house, and the moving date, and Move Matcher provides quotes and customer reviews for movers serving those areas. Move Matcher currently focuses on cities in the Midwest but is looking to expand to additional metro areas soon.

Why Choose Move Matcher?

Relocating is a complicated and stressful time where people are entrusting most of their belongings to someone else and hoping they will arrive on time and undamaged at their new home. Identifying and rating moving companies is critical but difficult because not all of them have websites or extensive customers reviews, and many require emails to get information, which leads to unwanted spam. Move Matcher identifies reputable companies and respects people’s privacy by not sharing personal information with any moving companies.

Why Own Up Partners with Move Matcher?

Homeownership may be the American Dream, but many parts of it can also be a hassle if you don’t have the right companies helping you along the way. Own Up and Move Matcher share a commitment to using technology to make the homeownership journey easier. Own Up helps with mortgages while Move Matcher helps by identifying quality moving companies. The two companies also share a commitment to privacy, a key factor during a time where personal information is being shared with many vendors and can lead to unwanted spam via email and phone.

What our customers get by using Move Matcher as part of The Up List program

Own Up customers will get multiple moving quotes from Move Matcher while keeping your email and phone number hidden to the moving company.  You will also get a dedicated support line at Move Matcher should you have any questions along the way.


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