The Up List: OneSource Solutions

Year founded: 2008
Top Executive: Steve Tihen
Number of employees: 15 to 25
Offices: St. Louis, MO
Phone number: 877-274-8632


What is OneSource Solutions?
OneSource Solutions connects homeowners with all the necessary services needed in a new home including gas, electric, telephone, TV, security systems and internet, at no cost. OneSource specialists identify all the providers in a new homeowner’s geographic area along with the service options each provides. The company then calls the chosen providers on the customer’s behalf, or dials for them and passes off the call in cases where they can’t. OneSource then works with the chosen companies to set up service and installation so that utilities will be up and running when the homeowner receives the keys to their new house, condo or apartment.

Why Choose OneSource Solutions?
Moving into a new house is an exciting event, but it is also filled with hassles and frustrations. No one likes waiting on hold with the cable company, only to be upsold higher plans they don’t want. OneSource removes these hassles, many times over. One 15 minute call saves homeowners from numerous phone calls, web searches and emails to identify and get set up with multiple utilities. There are no hard sells and homeowners pick the provider and service that works for them. OneSource Solutions is paid by cable providers only when customers choose them. Utility connection services are offered as added value.

Why Own Up Partners with OneSource Solutions?
Own Up believes the homebuying the process and everything associated with it should be transparent, simple to use, work in your favor, and not cause frustration. Like Own Up, OneSource uses technology and knowledge to empower homeowners to make the best decisions for them, saving them time in the process.

What our customers get by using OneSource Solutions as part of The Up List program
Own Up is partnering with OneSource Solutions to provide our clients with a dedicated service number and team to handle their home service needs.


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