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Year founded: 2013
Top Executive:  Neal Van Patten, founder and CEO
Number of employees: 10-25
Related App: None
Offices: Action, Mass.
Phone number: (978) 263-3807


What is Spindle Mattress?

Spindle Mattress is an online mattress company that makes affordable, customizable, latex mattresses out of natural materials. The mattresses are made out of latex from a tree, wool from responsible husbandry sheep and organic cotton. Spindle mattresses are customizable and come in different sizes and levels of firmness, as determined by an online survey and customer service employees who often spend 40 minutes to an hour on the phone determining what is best for each customer.  King mattresses can be designed with unique halves to meet couples different sleep habits. The e-commerce model cuts down on the price tag, and customers are given a 365-night money back guarantee.

Why Choose Spindle Mattress?

The only things in life that last forever are love and diamonds. Mattresses are no exception, but latex mattresses do last a lot longer than most other types. This is a good thing when you are buying a product you will spend the largest chunk of your life on. Additionally, Spindle mattresses are made in America and come with a 10-year warranty. Latex mattresses are environmentally friendly, setting them apart from other mattress types that use polyurethane and glue. Spindle Mattress takes its dedication to the environment so seriously it also donates 10 percent of profits to progressive organizations and plants a tree for every mattress sold.

Why Own Up Partners with Spindle Mattress?

Spindle Mattress was founded by a 4th generation mattress maker whose focus was making high quality mattresses more affordable and bringing attention the benefits of latex. Like Own Up, Spindle Mattress is focused on customers and wants to help them find the right mattress, even if that means buying one from somewhere else. Own Up and Spindle also share a desire to use technology to provide a better product. While Own Up is focused on a mortgage to get you into a home or stay more affordably in the one you own, Spindle is focuses on the place in that home where you will spend the most time.

What our customers get by using Spindle Mattress as part of The Up List program

Own Up offers all customers $200 off any Spindle Mattress as we believe in supporting companies who share our beliefs and approach to business. Own takes privacy seriously and will not share personal information, instead providing you a dedicated link to claim your discount once you become an Own Up customer.


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