Welcome to the Up List: Your Toolkit for Easier Homeownership

We founded Own Up with a simple promise to always work in our customers' best interest because we believe that everyone should be able to achieve their dream of homeownership.

Our business is based on three core values. We're honest about money. We're radically transparent. And we’re simple to use.

We think that's why you (and thousands of others) decided to partner with us on your home buying journey, and we believe in helping you throughout your entire home ownership experience. So we created the Up List.   

The Up List is our partner network — companies who share our values and are dedicated to saving you time, money, or both. From alarm systems and mattress makers to insurance and home improvement providers, our partners share our vision of helping you every step of the way. The Up List offers free or discounted rates or even exclusive levels of service unavailable to other customers to help save you time.

Up List Partners are selected based on their alignment with these 5 principles:   

  1. They provide a valuable service that addresses one of the challenges of home ownership
  2. They educate consumers about the different services and products
  3. They always work in your best interest
  4. They are transparent about the costs related to the services being provided
  5. They respect the privacy of your personal information at all times

Own Up is committed to getting our customers the mortgage they deserve, and we believe our service doesn't stop there. We're proud to offer these benefits to you as a member of the Own Up family, and hope you find it as valuable as we do.

All partners must adhere to these five principles to remain on the list and are vetted on an ongoing basis. If standards aren’t met, we will remove them from the list. We promise you that we will never share your information with any Up List partner unless you elect to be contacted by them directly or authorize us to share your information. We will provide you information to access these partners and the benefits from their companies. We believe the Up List partners are here to work in your best interest and we are proud to provide these benefits to you as a part of our Own Up family.


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